Our price is base from quantity, total dimension in packaging, manufacturer cost, packaging and shipping.

Quantity – Our standard price is for minimum order quantity (MOQ) 4 pcs / item.

Dimension in Packaging – We calculate total order for calculate the shipping cost, If your order volume less than 26 cubic meters, we will use LCL for shipping (minimum order 2 cubic meters).

Our dimensions are publicized as follows – HEIGHT x LENGTH x DEPTH in centimeters .

VOLUME (cubic meters) – Our price list will give you an approximate guide to the total amount of cubic meters you will require to fill up your container.
20ft Container will approximately require 26 cubic meters to fill up
40ft Container will approximately require 52 cubic meters to fill up
40ft High Cube Container will approximately require 64 cubic meters to fill up

PLEASE NOTE : Because of the shape of some of our designs, cubic meters given are approximate and usually are not accurate.

Packaging – Our regular packing uses foam sheet + single face or BOX. Other types of packaging available by request.

Shipping – After we calculate price, packaging and volume from your order, that how about shipping cost. We have 4 different way :

Ex Factory Price – The price is without any delivery cost. That mean, every delivery cost from our factory and all shipping costs covered by the buyer.

FOB Price (Free on Board) – Prices include shipping charges from the warehouse to the nearest port for shipment (Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang). All fees start port of origin to the destination address be covered by the buyer.

CNF Price (Cost and Freight) – Prices include shipping charges from the warehouse to the nearest destination port for buyer addresses . All delivery cost start port of origin to the destination port be covered by the seller (not included taxes).

DDU Price (Delivered Duty Unpaid) – This term means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer to the named place of destination in the contract of sale. A transaction in international trade where the seller is responsible for making a safe delivery of goods to a named destination, paying all transportation expenses but not the duty. The seller bears the risks and costs associated with supplying the good to the delivery location, where the buyer becomes responsible for paying the duty and other customs clearing expenses.


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