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VIXI Design is Indonesian furniture Manufacturer and designer of luxury furniture for various Teak furniture project provides convenience for customers to order a custom design of luxury furniture.

A custom made furniture can be derived from previous models such as French style Louis or Victorian furniture unique wooden carvings of modern Baroque and classic Rococo furniture even contemporary design furniture.

For coloring can choose natural color of wood, painted, gold leaf or silver leaf, combined with the French style or Italian furniture.

Find various models and types of teak outdoor furniture made in Indonesia only from trusted Indonesia furniture manufacturer. We always maintain the quality of Indonesian Teak wood furniture material so that it guarantees maximum product safety.

In addition, the production and construction techniques that are qualified and we run and evaluate regularly have been proven for decades of reliability.

Find the best Indonesian Teak Furniture Factory at the best prices. We are always open to developing our production strategy as well as creating new designs for our customers.

With beautiful and unique teak furniture product designs, you have the advantage of attracting potential customers because the first impression of your teak furniture products is very influential and attracts the attention of many people because of their beautiful and unique designs.

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Indonesia Teak Wooden Utensils Factory

As Indonesia furniture manufacturer, We also produce various types of wooden kitchen utensils such as cutting board, serving board, coaster, spatula, wooden bowl, wooden kitchen try, pizza server, salad plate, sushi try, wooden salad bowl, serving try, coffee try, tissue container, wooden cup and mug, spoon and fork and more.

Our woodenware products are available in various types of wood such as Teak, Mahogany, Acacia wood, Sungkai wood and also Semana Seman wood. In addition to the many choices of wood types, you can also order with a special design that suits the market you are working on

Cutting Board

Teak Wood Cutting Board, get the latest and greatest

Wooden Bowl

Amazing wooden bowl with best Teak material

Serving Board

Classic & Cool designs that will never ever go out of style

Wooden Plate

Unique wooden plate best Teak material

Wooden Coaster

Amazing wooden coaster design

Spatula, Spoon & Fork

Wooden spatula, spoon and fork, get the latest and greatest

Indoor Furniture

All range classic and modern of luxury furniture design from Indonesia furniture manufacturer and designer

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture Indonesia, manufacturer classic and modern Indonesia teak furniture collection from Indonesian furniture manufacturer

Wooden Utensils

Find best wooden utensils unique, classic and modern collection range of Teak, Mahogany and Seman wood material.